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To ensure that Scouts and Scouters who may be going through various Order of the Arrow ceremonies in the future do not have their experience lessened or spoiled, some of the material on this web site is protected. Click Here for more information.


Unit Elections

NOTE: Due to the change in how unit elections are conducted, issued by the national Lodge these documents supercede any and all documents previously published. Any questions should be directed to the Unit Relations Committee, [email protected].

  • 2022 Chapter Officers & Advisers Guide
  • 2023 Egwa Unit Leader Election Guide
  • Adult Nominations – All adult nominations must be submitted through the Unit Portal after the unit election is concluded.  Manual nominations will only be accepted in these situations:
    • The unit leader (scoutmaster, crew adviser or skipper) is being nominated in addition to the maximum number of adult candidates the unit is authorized to nominate.  A unit leader must have been registered in the position for a minimum of 12 months.
    • District or Council positions.  A person being nominated as a district or Council Scouter, must have their primary (paid) registration at the district or Council level.
    To request a manual Adult Candidate Nomination Form” send an email to your Chapter Adviser or to
  • Membership Information
  • Transfer Your Membership from Another Lodge to Egwa