The Lodge Totem Recognition Program is designed to function as both an immediate recognition for participation in lodge events and/or activities and to recognize our members for their contributions. achievements, and leadership on behalf of our lodge and its purpose. It also serves as a tangible record of each member’s participation and accomplishments that can be displayed while worn as a necklace during lodge events.

The Egwa Totem

This program begins with receiving the elements that make up the Egwa Totem. The Egwa Totem begins with an Ordeal Claw and an Induction Bead on a leather cord given to new Ordeal members when they attend their induction event.

Egwa Totem Guidelines

The above listed items together form the Egwa Totem which may be assembled in whatever arrangement suits each lodge member. This assembly may be decorated in whatever manner each member desires with the following restrictions:

  • Items used in the Lodge Totem Recognition Program or similar looking items may not be used to decorate the Egwa Totem
  • The decorated Egwa Totem cannot be offensive or insulting to any and all.
  • The Lodge Key 3 reserves the right to deem any decorated Egwa Totem unacceptable to wear

The assembled Egwa Totem should hang from the leather cord and only items received as a part of the recognition program should be added to it. Lodge members should not “mix and match” with beads/items from other sources. The Ordeal Claw should be painted with each member’s own chapter’s unique color design. Members should refer to the chart on this board and chapter members on how to complete this at a Lodge event. The Brotherhood Claw should remain unadorned by all members except for Vigil Honor members who may paint their Brotherhood Claw with a red and/or white design of their own choosing.

Ordeal Claw: First Claw is received with initial necklace

White Inducted as a youth
Black Inducted as an adult
Blue Completed Induction by becoming a Brotherhood members
Red Recipient of the Vigil Honor

Brotherhood Claw: Second claw is received after Brotherhood Trail

Assembly Examples

P & P Beads 

Beads are earned by attending Lodge Events and participating and/or performing in activities during the event. A bead color is assigned to specific action that can be completed to earn the bead. An Egwa Totem Ticket specific to that event is available at each lodge event that lists the available P&P Beads and the required activity to earn that Bead Totem Tickets must be submitted prior to the close of that event


RED Lodge Event/Attendee
LIGHT RED Lodge Event/Activities
BLUE Lodge Induction Support
LIGHT BLUE Lodge AIA Drum/Dance
GREEN Attend/Participate in Youth Lodge Level Elections/Adult Trailblazer Planning Meeting at Fall Fellowship
LIGHT GREEN Lodge ICE/Elangomat or Nimat
DARK GREEN Lodge ICE/Ceremonialist
TAN Lodge ICE/Ceremony Support

Lodge ICE/Ceremony Evaluation


WHITE Brotherhood Ceremony Attendance
YELLOW Lodge Service Project – 3 Hours Performed
LIGHT YELLOW Lodge Service Project – 1 Hour Performed
LIGHT ORANGE Training Activities
PURPLE Trailblazer Adventure Camp Staff
BROWN Lodge Event Staff (Lodge Adviser Approval Required)

Lodge Chief’s Award

(Given at Lodge Chief’s Discretion)

This bead acts as a “wild card” bead and can be used as a stand-in for any P&P bead in a bead swap. Clear P&P beads that have been swapped will have black stripes to designate they have previously been swapped.

Note: Colors above can look slightly different depending on the screen calibration of the device they are being viewed on.

Swap Beads

Swap Beads allow members to exchange earned P&P Beads for glass beads and/or bone hornpipe. Generally, a specific number of color or a defined set of specific colors can be exchanged for a specific glass bead or hornpipe. Swap Beads are voluntary, and members can choose to keep their P&P beads.

3 Red, 3 Blue, 1 Purple, and 1 Green swaps for
5 ea. any combination Red, Lt. Red, Purple, or Green swaps for
10ea. any combination Lt. Red/Lt. Orange swaps for or
5 ea. Lt. Blue swaps for
15 Hours in Yellow/Lt. Yellow swaps for
25 Hours in Yellow/Lt. Yellow swaps for both and
2 ea. Green swaps for
5 ea. Dark Green swaps for or
6 ea. of Tan swaps for
5 ea. of Brown swaps for
5 ea. any combination Black/White swaps for


Recurring Honor Beads

Serve a year as Lodge Chief
Serve a year as an elected Lodge Officer
Server a year as Lodge Adviser
Serve a year as an Associate Lodge Adviser
Serve a year as Lodge Staff Adviser
Tenure/multiple years in the same position listed above
Serve a year as a Lodge Committee Chair
Serve a year as a Lodge Committee Adviser
Serve a year as a Chapter Chief
Serve a year as a Chapter Adviser
Chapter Key 3 Award Recipient
Lodge Key 3 Award Recipient
Founders Award Recipient
NOAC/Conclave Honor Recipient
LEC/LLD Retreat Attendee
Lodge Officer Retreat Attendee
Section Event Attendee (Indian Winter/Conclave)
Vigil Rededication Ceremony (One Time Issue)

Egwa Totem Chapter Colors

Below are the 12 designated chapter designs for Lodge members Ordeal Claw. Members may complete this at home or while at a Lodge event. Members should only pain the claw to represent the chapter in which they are a part of. 

Achewon Woapalanne Chapter

Echota Chapter

Etowah Chapter

Kennesaw Chapter

Lowanee Nimat Chapter

Nagatamen Chapter

Osten Nokose Chapter

Silep lIlaonëtu Chapter

Tella Qualla Boundary Chapter

Thennethlofkee Chapter

Wesadicha Chapter

Wvhvlv en Hvresse Chapter