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"For he who serves his fellows, is of all his fellows, greatest"
- Dr. E. Urner Goodman

Heartland Gathering
April 21-23, 2017
Service Lodge – Chattahoochee
Camp Lumpkin, LaGrange, GA
Memorabilia Preorder Deadline: January 25, 2017 — No orders will be accepted after this date
Registration Deadline: March 22, 2017 — $18 late fee applies after this date

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On August 27, 2016, the Section SR-9 Council of Chiefs approved unanimously to rename the section conclave to the Heartland Gathering. The origin of “Heartland” is from the section tag line in use since the formation of SR-9, Serving the Southern Heartland.

One of the primary purposes of the Southern Region, Section 9, Order of the Arrow is to conduct an annual meeting for delegates of its member Lodges. This annual meeting is the Heartland Gathering. The aim of the Heartland Gathering is to provide a central place for arrowmen throughout the Section to gather for a weekend of fun and fellowship. The event includes leadership development training, as well as various competitions and games.

Think back to the Ordeal ceremony, when the mighty chief welcomed you to the Order, and “Remember the Admonition . . .” This is the theme of the inaugural Heartland Gathering.

Today’s world is full of unsettling news on a daily basis. It is easy to feel the hostility within society, but let us remember the ties of brotherhood which bind us all together. Let us recall our emotions when we received our brand new Ordeal sash, or recited the OA Obligation for the first time. We, the Arrowmen of the Southern Heartland, will recommit ourselves to these ties of brotherhood on April 21-23, 2017 at Camp Frank G. Lumpkin. The Heartland Gathering promises to be an exciting weekend bringing together the Arrowmen of Alabama and Georgia.

Memorabilia Preorder Deadline: January 25, 2017 — No orders will be accepted after this date
Registration Deadline: March 22, 2017 — $18 late fee applies after this date

Questions? Contact the Heartland Gathering Chairman,

04/11/17 UPDATE

Adult Fellowship

We are pleased to provide the following training and competitions/activities for those who are 21-years of age or older. There is a pretty good variety of things to try, so we are sure you will find one or two activities to make this weekend ever more fun.

1) NASCAR Pinewood Derby - This year each adult 21-years and older will have the opportunity to build and race a NASCAR themed pinewood derby car. There will be awards for the fastest car and best designs. NASCAR PINEWOOD DERBY RULES.

2) Youth vs. Adult Tug-o-War - After the youth competition, the adults will compete! Each Lodge will be able to put together a team of no more than seven (7) adults for their team. Then the top youth and adult teams will play each other.

3) Cooking Competition - Bring everything you need for your “very best outdoor dessert”. The presentation, competition and “People's Choice” voting will happen at the Tailypo in the evening.

  • Charcoal fires are permitted in the fire ring of your campsite
  • Multiple individuals or teams may enter from each Lodge.
  • Judging at Tailypo.
  • We encourage you have enough servings for about 50 samples for the “People's Choice” votes
  • The voting will be made by $1 votes to go into the voting can at your location and the team with the most votes (dollars) will be the winners.
  • All money collected will be presented to Camp Osborn to help with repairs to the camp caused by the tornadoes that went through earlier this year.

4) Ladies Dress, Pow-Wow and Dancing - This is the first time that this training has been offered in SR-9. If you currently have your own outfits, please bring them with you.

Questions on any of these events can be directed to Merri C. Bolen, Adult Fellowship Adviser or by phone at 706-366-4998

Yours in Brotherhood,

Merri Bolen
Adult Fellowship Adviser

04/12/17 UPDATE

Heartland Gathering is approaching fast (less than two away). So for those attending the Heartland Gathering here are some items to remember. I will bullet point these so they are easy to refer back to if needed.

• Please make sure to bring a copy of your health form. For this event you will need parts A and B. You can find a copy of the health form at Please make sure to bring with it you and turn in at registration. This is a mandatory item.

• This year the Section is doing a food drive and asking all lodges to bring can goods or peanut butter with them to the Heartland Gathering. There will be points given to all who participate. We would like all our contingent members to bring what they can and help out. If you can bring 10 items this would be a great help but anything would be of help. Please make sure to turn in upon arrival and let them know it is for Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge.

• During this event we will need several adults to help out with judging in different areas. If you are an adult and you feel like you can help please let us know by contacting If each adult takes a small piece, we will all be able to enjoy the event and support our youth as they participate. The areas needing judges are as follows.

1. Administration (This will involve reading over Newsletters, Planbooks, or listening to Annual Reports from different lodges. You will give points using an evaluation sheet)
2. Quest Events (This will involve supervising/refereeing one of the team games played in the afternoon at Heartland Gathering. You will judge games like Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Dodgeball, and Wischixin. Rules will be given on Friday night.)

• Camping for this event will be BYOT (Bring your own tent). Each campsite has tent platforms that you can use for your tent. Each campsite is an easy walk to bathrooms and showers.

• For the Heartland gathering there will be an Egwa vehicle and trailer that will run back and forth to the parking lot. Once you arrive at the event you will load your gear in the trailer and it will be taken to the site for you. Please pack your gear with this in mind. The process will be the same on Sunday with your gear being brought back to the parking area. No personal vehicles will be allowed past the parking lot.

• Items you will want to bring with you - Shows this year will be in the activity field with no permanent seating. You may want to bring a chair to sit in and also at the site. Please make sure you bring a water bottle and stay hydrated throughout the weekend.

I know this is a lot in one e-mail but we want to make sure you get all the info you need for Heartland Gathering. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask. The Guardians of Egwa will be a great contingent and Kevin and I look forward to seeing you all at Camp Lumpkin.

Yours in WWW,
Richard Burnett
Heartland Gathering Adviser

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